Visit Monaco Keeps in Touch with a Simple Message of Affection: "Take Care of Yourself, We Miss You!"

 “Take care of yourself, we miss you!”
Press release

In times of fear and uncertainty, the Monaco Tourist & Convention Authority would like the world to know that the Principality misses them more than ever, by sending a simple message: “Take care of yourself, we miss you!”

The Principality misses everything its visitors bring: from those treasured moments of friendship and fun, to the opinions and customs they share, the languages they speak, and of course the “wow” factor experienced by everyone who comes to Monaco. All of the things that, together, make it the vibrant and dynamic destination that it is.

The Monaco Tourist & Convention Authority's usual “FOR YOU” slogan — a warm invitation to take advantage of all the incredible things the Principality has to offer — has evolved into a simple declaration of affection: “MISS YOU.” This new slogan is supported by friendly messages and pictures to remind the world of those precious times that we look forward to sharing again. They show touching snapshots of life with happy people spending unforgettable moments together in Monaco — a life that will hopefully be back to normal very soon.

“The tourism industry as a whole is facing a unique challenge. It is unprecedented and even though nobody has the correct answer right now, we all know what we miss the most. We miss everything that tourism brings, from social interactions to cultural diversity and economic development,” said the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority General Manager Guy Antognelli. “We miss you as much as you miss traveling. At the moment, while we are remembering the memories we created together, we are looking forward to building new ones again all together.”


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