The Guadeloupe Islands


This winter, Olivier and Stephanie chose to travel to the Caribbean… differently.

They decided to spend a week's holiday with Roman, 14 and Melanie, 11 years old, in an archipelago of five islands, nestled in the heart of the Lesser Antilles. Four and a half hours after leaving the Montreal -Trudeau Airport, the family landed at “Pole Caribbean” Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport.

After checking in at their hotel on the south coast of Grande-Terre, they jump straight into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea after enjoying some "Ti Punch" or a tropical fruit cocktail. Their first day was dedicated to exploring Grande-Terre, an island which is flat and hilly in some areas. It is largely covered with sugar cane fields. It is ideal for lovers of relaxation with its beautiful white sand beaches, while the beaches of the Atlantic coast offer great waves to the delight of surfers.

The tour of Basse-Terre offers lush vegetation with a variety of tree species and rich wildlife with a thousand species of birds. A walk to the top of the Soufriere volcano ends by a panoramic view of all the islands of the archipelago. After this walk, they swim in the warm waters of the yellow sulfur baths, natural swimming pool located at the end of the trail. Later, they taste a locally-made hot chocolate at "La Maison du Cacao" and take a stroll through the canopy walk of the “Parc des Mamelles”.

They relax and enjoy activities offered by their hotel. Melanie chooses "Ti Moun Club (children)", while Stephanie heads to the hotel spa for some pampering. Roman and Olivier chose to visit the Natural Reserve of ”Grand Cul de sac Marin”, kayaking with Franck, the Nautical base manager.

The days go by quickly, and choices will be necessary since the Islands of Guadeloupe are full of attractions and activities.

  • Exploring the underwater park of "Islets Pigeon" in glass-bottom boat, or discovering the "Islets of Petite Terre " catamaran.
  • Appreciate the charms of "Botanical Garden of Deshaies “ floral and animal park or have fun at recreational facilities in " Les Jardins de Vallombreuse ."
  • Enjoy a day excursion in the Saintes archipelago with its magnificent bay and its colorful village or a visit to the authentically charming island of Marie- Galante.

But it is already time for the return and nostalgia. All promised to return soon to explore the beauty and wealth of the Islands of Guadeloupe.