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Dordogne Périgord

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Situated in Nouvelle Aquitaine, in south-west France, to the east of Bordeaux, at the gateway to Occitanie, the Dordogne offers visitors a host of sensations and emotions.

Launch of the Cote d'azur France brand

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Why "CÔTE d’AZUR FRANCE"? Because crisis ought to be seen as an opportunity to reinvent and regenerate. Because a brand is unique and cannot be translated!

Bordeaux Tourism & Conventions

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Acclaimed for its wine and vineyards, Bordeaux also boasts beautiful classical and contemporary architecture, superb cuisine, and an increasingly lively artistic and cultural scene: justly proud of

Paris 2017 : Feel the energy

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In 2017, Paris is full of appeal and surprises! Ever more welcoming, innovative, greener and livelier, it is a vibrant and changing 21st century capital.

A summer in Le Havre

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In spring 2017, as Le Havre marks its 500th anniversary, visual artists, designers, graphic artists, stage directors, novelists, will follow in the wake of Niemeyer and Monet to reinterpret this su